Nightmare on Elm Street

For those of us who aren’t noobs when in comes to partying in Hong Kong on Halloween night… well we know that LKF can be a bitch and a half to maneuver, and that every precaution must be taken into not getting stuck in the masses. I mean, I’m not complaining that the police put up barricades, with all of us intoxicated, cross-dressing freaks of the night out on such a popular and commerical holiday well… things can get out of hand. And sadly, apparently it did at New Years 1993 when, according to the Standard, “the narrow alleys of Lan Kwai Fong in Central turned into a stampede, crushing 21 people to death…”

So basically the barricades are a necessity, “Better safe than sorry” is what my mom always says, and when you’re dealing with thousands of intoxicated people all on a mission to get their party on… you’ve got to set boundaries to reduce the risk by all means necessary. But back to happier thoughts of girls dressed in their sluttiest outfits and guys dressed to show their more feminine side, Halloween was somewhat different this year than any of the others I’ve experienced in Hong Kong. Maybe it’s because I have two years of Hong Kong Halloween madness under my belt, or maybe because I actually searched and found a costume to wear… at any rate, it was a good, goood night.

We first pre-gamed at mine, a couple of friends came over and we drank a few brewskies, then we headed to D-i at about midnight. It was a strange ensemble of friends, we had two hot librarian geeks, a “terrorist” (I know it’s wrong but… it’s Halloween?), a Native American Chief, a rock star mime and me, Freddy Krueger.

Ismay and I decided that we weren’t going to budge from D-i unless it was past two, because getting stuck in the winding lines of LKF in attempts to getting to Volar any earlier… well, that would have taken at least a good hour AKA a definite no-no. So we partied, and we partied, and we partied, and then I woke up to find myself back at home and it was already November 1. Apparently we hit up D-i, Baccio, Volar, Baby Buddha, 1997 and Homebase… I vaguely remember being at 1997 at around 5am, but one flaming Lamborghini later: blank blackness ensued. It was an amazing night though, and I do sightly remember stumbling into my apartment with Ismay to see my big brother showered and ready to head to Macau for his seminar classes… but back to the main point. Halloween in Hong Kong can be messy, but if you stick to one venue during the jam-packed times (11pm-3am), you can freely skip through the narrow streets to go to your next destination without having to trudge behind the thousands of fellow party animals.

So if you want to prepare for next Halloween… scratch that, if you want to prepare for the next freakshow fest party that requires dressing up, here are a couple of spots you should hit up to help find your ideal costume:

Partyland Market on the corner of Wellington and Pottinger Street (Central) – Ismay got her Chieftan headdress there

Tai Yun Street Market (Wan Chai) – got my Freddy claws there for HK $38

Ladies Market, Tung Choi Street between Argyle and Dundas Street (Mongkok)

Night Market, Temple Street (Jordan)

&don’t be afraid to bargain in the markets…

Till the next Shitshow,

S xx


~ by colormehongkong on November 2, 2010.

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