All Monkey Business

I seem to go vertigo when summer arrives in Hong Kong. Yes, the knowledge that stress of procrastinated deadlines are now over does give my soul a sense of calm, but not having a proper schedule to follow during the day can leave me in a dark and depressive state. That sense that you have no place in the universe or are not contributing just leaves me with a hollowed, empty feeling inside. So this summer I’ve taken the necessary precautions to prevent this and have been filling my days with more outdoor activities. Thankfully, I have  met some amazing friends who I have been able to share these experiences with, from finally visiting Big Wave to monkeying around at Monkey Mountain.

Photo Cred: Oli

Which brings us to today’s post: Monkey Mountain. If you live in Hong Kong, you may have heard about this magical mountain where, for reasons unbeknownst to me, the local monkeys dwell. I’ve lived here for almost three years, but for some reason never managed to make it up there. However, sometime last month, we finally made the plans that I thought would only exist in my head into a reality. We were originally meant to go for an 8am Sunday hike in Lantau, but due to our desire to continue the Saturday night party, we decided to change up the plans – skip the butt-crack-of-dawn hike and instead opt for Monkey Mountain in the afternoon.

We took the MTR to Prince Edward Station where we were then supposed to catch a bus to Lion Rock Country Park (where ‘Monkey Mountain’ is located). I don’t know if it was either due to our lack of brain cells from the previous night’s debauchery or just possibly our inability to properly read bus signs, but we managed to score  some beer and not the bus. So we ended up taking a cab up to the park, which between the five of us, only cost about HK $7 each.

Photo Cred: Nigel

You can tell when you’ve arrived because it’s hard to miss the abundance of monkeys just chilling, they’re abso-fucking-lutely everywhere. Mind you, they might be cute little buggers but they are vicious! I’d recommend not bringing any food in plastic bags because these monkeys have been conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs, just the slightest sound of a plastic bag crinkle will have their ears perk, their mouths water and their posture go into attack mode.

Photo Cred: Nigel

After taking a while to trip out at the fact that we were hanging out with monkeys, we ended up walking through one of the trails the Park had that led us into the wild. The path basically circled this large lake/reservoir that looked refreshing to jump into, that is until you saw all of the waste collected on the shore – word to the wise, unless you want to emerge with an extra limb, you might want to skip the skinny dipping. Overall, it was just an amazing day to escape the city noise and chill with the Rafikis of Hong Kong… although by chill, I mean keeping my distance and sprinting away from any angry looking mothers – you can identify these females beasts by their insane nipples… but let’s not get into that subject right now because that’s a whole other story.

Photo Cred: Oli

The overall experience itself was surreal, seeing as that I don’t think every person can answer the question, “Hey, what’d you do today?” with a nonchalant: “Oh, just went to Monkey Mountain, drank beers while dodging attacks with some monkeys.” So I definitely do plan on making another trip up to Monkey Mountain, however that might have to wait for some cooler weather, the thought of all of that monkey shit sitting in the sun does not seem very appealing to my nose. But who knows, maybe those sneaky bastards have mastered their own lavatory system. Either way, I recommend anyone who wants to pay a trip to their childhood Lion King Rafiki fantasy to go. Whether you decide to go alone or with friends, you’ll definitely have some fun but dangerous company at this tourist site.

Till the next outdoor adventure,

S xx


~ by colormehongkong on May 16, 2011.

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