Mind Led Body

 Drama… now I know everyone says this but, I’m honestly not one for it. I hate the whole elusive, lets beat around the bush situation, why? Because it drives me absolutely crazy. I’m one for games, but hear me out, I’m talking about CS and Left4Dead, not mind games… I guess maybe that’s why I was never good at Chess, oh wait, never mind I think THAT’s because I just can’t seem to plan ahead. Anyway, the dramatics of the theater have the tendency to turn me from the semi-rational, semi-cool headed bum (aren’t we all semi’s of some sort?) to a crazed firework ready to go off. My hypothesis of my inability to deal with the dramatics derives from the “family meetings” that used to occur when I was a youngin’. These meetings took place once a week and basically everyone told everyone else what they did to piss them off or what they were doing wrong in life. Granted, these usually began civilly and ended with screams and tears but hey, at least they were straight to the point. Anyway, it’s times like these – as in when I feel like my mind/body is going to burst from God knows what – in which I take my frustrations hint and highlight it out of the city to get some peace of mind. Which finally brings me to this post, hiking in Lantau.

Lantau is the largest island in Hong Kong and is about a 20-minute ferry ride from the city. I’ve posted about it once before but to recap, basically this bitch is known for the Big Buddha, Disneyland, the random water buffalo defecating everywhere, the flying fish (amaaazing) and MUCH cheaper rent. Anyway, sometime in March/April a group of friends and I went to go hike to the Big Buddha, you can either hike there, take the cable car or take the bus. Anyway, we opted to hike to the Buddha but… of course we ended up on a crickety old yes-you-can bus that took us all the way there.

Photo Cred: Oli

Now I must say, as shameful as it is, this was the first time that I really, and I mean really, got to see the Big Buddha. The last time I went we hiked two mountains (baller I know) and ended up at the Buddha to my surprise… but by then we were too tired, too sweaty and too hungry to care to go up the stairway-to-Buddha, so instead we opted to glance at it while bee-lining it straight to the bus.

Photo Cred: Oli

This time, however, I was able to bask in all of its 112-ft glory and actually be a tourist for a while. Now I could lie and tell you that it was a spiritual experience which changed my life but… it wasn’t. By the time I walked up the stairs, circled the statue once and checked out the gift shop I was already craving a smoke. But what was a life-altering experience was what came after. So we had a complete fail in our attempts to hike up to the Buddha but thankfully we were able to hike our way out of there.

In life, it’s usually the After that counts, and this was no exception. The hike was a bit harsh on my poor lungs and lack of muscle but the experience was amazing. The weather was pretty dreary that day so the sky was gray and the breeze was perfect. When we got to the top of Lantau Peak it was honestly like we were in another world… or  just living in a cloud. You literally couldn’t see anything else because of the smog, you could feel the water in the air and if you inhaled with your mouth open while the winds were blowing at you, well it felt like life was trying to resuscitate you from your wearies… in a giggly way of course.

Photo Cred: Oli

But it really is here where you’ll find peace – although I’m not too sure if I’d find the experience the same with beautiful clear blue skies. I think what really made it a peace of mind experience was the fact that the world just seemed blank. There was nothing to look at but the grayness and nothing to do but reflect. Reflecting on one’s life on top of a mountain with complete silence is completely different from one’s room with the constant city’s construction going on, and it was just what I needed at that point of time (and now really) to get through what I was going through. There’s something about total and utter silence that sometimes scares me, but at that point it was a welcoming emptiness that I allowed to envelope me whole. Not that I’m going to go on about my soul searching uplifting moment but honestly, if you feel like you need to escape out of this madness we call life and do a little soul searching of your own, hike to Lantau Peak on an overcast day and just disappear into your own mind.

Photo Cred: Oli

Anne Stevenson – Vertigo

Mind led body, to the edge of the precipice.

They stared in desire, at the naked abyss.

If you love me, said mind, take that step into silence,

If you love me, said body, turn and exist.

S xx


~ by colormehongkong on May 28, 2011.

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