CMHK Rebooted

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AND I’M BACK! I can’t believe six years have passed since I set up CMHK and five years since my last post… almost every cell in my body has been shed and replaced by new ones. Physically, I’m almost a completely different person, but I’m still a TCK (maybe TCA now?) living in Hong Kong, a testament to my very first post and my pledged love to this city.

I am now an HKU alumnus who’s been in the workforce and paying my taxes for the past three years. I no longer have a typical HKID, but have recently received my permanent residency here… and in bigger news, due to my mother being Chinese, I am about to get my HK passport as well! Too many experiences have been had to digress all the details, but major events have recently played out in my life in the past month in which my love for writing has been reignited and thus, the new launch of CMHK. In memory of my former younger self, I have also tied in my very first post so that those who did not know me or have never read my blog will get the gist of it… the only difference is, is that I plan on giving back more to this beloved city that I have made home. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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~ by colormehongkong on July 19, 2016.

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  1. Wow, you lived in India? At such a young age? What did you do there? =) Egypt??

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