A Tribute to Mom

How do you thank the woman who brought you into this world? How do you let her know how much you appreciate her? I always get so lost in what gift my mom would want for her birthday, because to tell you the truth, nothing will ever be good enough in my eyes. She deserves nothing short of Versailles, with clouds at her feet, a magic carpet for a ride and my father by her side… but unfortunately, I can’t provide her with any of these things. All I can give is my unwavering love and loyalty to her everyday, my promise that one day I will have all my shit together, and to shower her in ravishingly dazzling words that, at least to me, resonate more than material things.

My gifts have always tended to revolve around writing or photos, from family powerpoints to poems to letters, and I’m afraid this will be something similar, a post in tribute to the strongest woman I know, Sophia Chu Vaughn, my mother.


My mother’s story is a tale of epic proportions, that would bring even the meanest to his knees and the toughest to tear. I won’t go into detail right now, because that’s a memoir-to-be-in-the-making for a later time, but I will disclose what I have seen this unshakeable woman, who I am beyond proud (and a little bit intimidated) to call my mother, do. I’ve seen her lose the love of her life, and then within that one phone-call have to transform from a stay-at-home mom into a mother/father of four. I’ve seen her put up with my siblings and my unscrupulous, never-ending, juvenile bullshit; and still tuck us in at night and help us decipher our problems. I’ve watched her never give up loving and supporting every single one of our dreams, no matter how silly an idea or situation may have seemed. I’ve seen her keep her poise while watching her own mother suffer her last few months of life, and still keep the family and home together… In short, she’s not the rock in our family, but the Atlas to our world.


So I’m sure you can understand where I’m coming from when I say it’s intimidating to have such a special soul to be your mother. How can I give back/be the daughter she deserves? How do you live up to such great heights? Well momma, you taught me to never compare myself to others, so I will naturally take your word and try not to compare myself to your GAF (gangster as f***) self. All I can tell you though, mommy dearest, my core, my Atlas, my mother, my father, my hero, my #1 fan, my everything; I promise one day that I will have my shit together and that I’ll be able to take you on the mother/daughter holiday we’ve always talked about. I promise to always keep my head up, hold the values I’ve grown up with close to my heart and always be your # 1 baby girl. I love you and thank you for being my mother. Choice or not, being your daughter is an honour and I hope to make you as proud of me as I am of you.

To my mother and all the other strong women out there, all hats off to you.

Happy weekend everyone.

Samantha x


~ by colormehongkong on August 6, 2016.

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