Make Me Up Forever

So for those of you who don’t know… Make Up Forever is an amazing French makeup brand that is used for professionals and, well people who like to use amazing makeup products. Anyway, my sister Julia took classes at the Make Up Forever in Taipei and got certified as a makeup artist – yes, she is damn good at it too. Anyway, point is – you can find them in most well-developed countries, Sephora has them in stock and they also have their own stores/studios. For anyone who loves using waterproof mascara, I’ve been using Make Up Forever’s since I first tried it when I was 15 and living in Taipei. Basically, it’s the shit.

So, besides being a loyal customer/fan of Make Up Forever for almost five years – I of course said yes when my friend Ada Pat, who is an amazing makeup artist/stylist/designer/artist/all-around-Renaissance woman, asked me to be her canvas for her Make Up Forever exam. You can actually see her previous work through my “Weather Me Down” post, she did the makeup along with styling for the shoot. As for those nifty, futuristic should pads I know you were eying down? Yup, she made those. Anyway, back in November when this happened, she was going through her examination process – yes, she passed.

For the academy’s exam, there is first a trial test where the students basically get down the makeup they plan on doing for the exam. There’s no time limit and the point is to show their teacher what look they want to achieve – bringing in a photo reference so they can get constructive criticism. The trial is the one that takes a good three hours since students aren’t pressured by time restraints. For the day of the final exam, the students are given two hours to complete the look that they achieved on their trial day – along with doing hair and changing their canvases into their outfits for the shoot afterward. All in all, I had a fun time helping out Ada, oh and I got to score products on a student discount which was a major plus since I was running out of my trusty, waterproof mascara.

If you’re interested in taking professional makeup classes, you can sign up for their academy which is located at:

3/F Wellable Commercial Building

513 Hennessy Road Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Or checkout their official site for more details:

S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


~ by colormehongkong on June 28, 2010.

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